The Strangest of Things that Men Desire

It’s no secret that falling in love is a powerful emotion. This isn’t an emotion we can control, as it is a subconscious reaction to seeing someone. You might be falling for a man that you never thought you would be attracted to – and now you want to win his heart.

Knowing who he is as a person is a great way to get closer to him. Making him feel loved, supported, and empowered are key factors for establishing a healthy and romantic relationship. But there are other things that men desire as well. You may find them strange or surprising, but they are very real.

Here are some of the strangest things that men desire. These things are sure to make the man of your dreams crazy about you.

1. To Be A Superhero

Have you watched the latest Marvel superhero movie? If you’ve been to the movie theater recently, you probably aren’t surprised to see that the room is filled with mostly adult men watching these films. But there’s actually a reason for that.

The movies aren’t just entertaining:

They appeal to a man’s desire to be a superhero. Most superheroes capture that masculine spirit, and that’s something a lot of men aspire to be. Men love to feel like a hero.

You can help them feel like a hero by showing them love and admiration. Tell them how much you care for them, and how you admire their strengths. Help them help you in your life, and they will feel much more valued.

2. To Be Listened To

There are countless articles and opinion pieces out there about how women desire men who actually listen to them. What’s less known is that men actually desire this from women too. The key to a healthy relationship is equal give and take. If you want him to listen to you, be sure to listen to him, too.

It can be difficult for men to open up about their feelings. But if they know that you genuinely value and appreciate them, they will be more willing to talk about how they feel. Encouraging him in this way can actually help set him up for success and make your relationship last longer.

3. A Sense of Prosperity

It’s human nature to want to provide for the ones you love. Men desire a sense of accomplishment and prosperity to help keep a relationship alive. Women can give men this kind of attention by encouraging them to reach their goals and dreams, whether they be financial or career-driven. To get your copy of the book, Click Here.

Everyone feels better in a relationship when they are prosperous. Making a man feel like he is bringing prosperity into the relationship can make him crazy for you. Combine this with the feeling of being seen and heard, and they will want to be yours forever.

Do you have a man in your life that you see as a hero? In what ways does he seem heroic to you? Communicate these traits with your potential love interest and he will want to provide for you and be your hero for the rest of your lives.