3 Things Men Want in a Woman

There’s a difference between what the media tells you men want and what men actually want. Women have been conditioned to think they have to act and dress a certain way in order to gain the attention of men. While guys may be attracted to those kinds of behaviors, it isn’t the only thing they want. If you’re looking to settle down with a man for a long time, and you want him to commit to you, consider these three facts. This is what men really want in a woman.

1. Acknowledgment

If you want a guy to notice you, you have to notice him back. Men love being acknowledged for the things they do in their daily lives – even the little things. Letting him know that you see him as a person can speak volumes and make him become attracted to you.

This is especially important while a man is sharing something personal with you. Whether he is talking about one of his passions, or he is sharing something about his day, make sure to be a good listener. That’s how men form deep connections – by opening up to someone they can trust.

2. Authentic Attractiveness

The word “authentic” goes a long way. Women are beautiful no matter their shape, size, or appearance. There are men who are attracted to all different types of women, so you never have to worry about whether or not you are good looking. There is someone out there for you.

Just remain authentic.

Too many women try to imitate a certain image that doesn’t really represent who they truly are. Society has traditional standards of beauty that women think they must all match up to in order to be attractive to a man. And while some men are attracted to that particular image of beauty, what they aren’t attracted to is someone who fakes it.

Be your authentic self, which is indeed the most attractive version of yourself. When you’re real, you are allowing men to be real with you too.

3. Equal Work Value

Most men love a good challenge. You should make him work to get you. This doesn’t mean you need to play “hard to get” all the time. But studies show that people value things more when they put effort into obtaining them. The first step in achieving equal work value with the man of your dreams is to let him chase you for a little while, without making it impossible for him to catch you. Click here to order your copy of the book.

Another way to contribute to equal work value is to let your potential man know that you support his hopes and dreams fully. His work is valuable, and he should feel supported. Your goals and dreams are also important; together the two of you can work equally to bring the same amount of value to the relationship. If you never acknowledge his work efforts or you devalue the money he makes on his own, he might be more likely to leave. Make sure he feels like he is actually with you in the relationship as equal partners.